Artificial intelligence (AI) and increasingly complex algorithms affecting our civilisation more than ever before. In our everyday life we already have a multitude of points of contact without being aware of them. AI application areas are numerous, and the possibilities are far-reaching: Due to improvements in computer hardware, AI algorithms already exceed the performance of human experts in selected areas (e.g. predictive maintenance, sub-areas of medical diagnostics, different types of medical devices, pattern recognition, etc.). The long-term potential of artificial intelligence as a tool is immense and it has the capability to provide a solution or a partial solution for a variety of problems and challenges – especially for highly complex systems with the potential to get optimised.

The energy sector is a prime example with an enormous potential for optimisation. Due to environmental protection issues and set goals for a significant CO2 reduction, the topic of energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important in our digitalised world. In addition, the planned phase-out of nuclear power and coal further exacerbate upcoming challenges. The increased use of renewable energy sources, including photovoltaic, water, wind and geothermal plants is shifting the current energy concept more towards a decentralised energy supply. Those circumstances present several challenges:

  • The energy market gets more and more complex to run with the rise of decentralised energy generation.
  • More and more base-load-capable power plants will be omitted, leading to the necessity to forecasting energy generation and consumption
  • The development for most AI-based products require high data volumes to sufficiently precise in their predictions


Our vision is to grow a long-term community of leading European minds, movers and shakers in quantum photonics which becomes the foundation of a globally competitive European position in the field of quantum photonics. Together we are merging expertise from different areas of the evolving supply chains with cutting-edge research. The network pursues the approach to facilitate AI-based innovations in a wide area of applications for the energy sector. As a result, we envision the development of critical technologies for the development of novel AI-based products and applications for the energy sector:


The goal of the network is the joint development of innovative AI-based products, processes and systems for the energy sector. The network is implemented as an international expert platform together with Portugal. The different partners with their diverse backgrounds in particular are meant to lead to the identification of various application areas and the development of corresponding AI models and methods. There are numerous areas of application, like the production, distribution or consumption from energy. Topics such as renewable energies or energy storage will be considered as well.


Within the Sust[AI]nable Energy network, the broad competencies and cross-sectoral activities of the participating companies and R&D institutions allow the objectives to be optimally realised.

Through the interdisciplinary composition of the network we try to use synergy effects together. The participating network partners actively support each other in the development of new ideas, which are then transformed into products that have a unique selling point on the market.


The focus of the network is therefore on:

  • Scientific support and knowledge transfer between the partners
  • Development of new products that offer a unique selling proposition
  • Use synergies through exchange of ideas between partners and identify market trends
  • Use possible cost advantages for tests or trials within the network by network partners
  • Access to new markets and new customers through the partners in the network
  • Free support for project outlines and project applications for funding programmes
  • Product placement on homepage
  • Promotion and representation of the network and partners at trade fairs


The international innovation platform addresses small, medium sized and large companies, research institutions and universities with expertise in the fields of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, energy production, energy management or energy system analysis who want to be upfront in the emerging field of energy intelligence.


The network focuses on applications for:

  • Intelligent Controllers – e.g. consumer management, cooling or virtual power plants
  • Intelligent Prognosis Models – e.g. peak loads, power generation forecasts, etc.
  • new AI methods - e.g. hybrid methods for reduced data volumes, efficient learning methods, etc.

However, most use-cases cannot be simply solved with only one of them. Usually the intended solution consists of a combination of multiple systems, models and methods. Within the framework of the network, opportunities and challenges in the context of Artificial Intelligence as a tool with great potential are to be discussed in addition to tangible processes and innovation development. In addition, the topic of AI or machine learning always involves the qualification, processing and analysis of available data.


Unique R&D projects emerging from the network, as well as synergies generated by the interaction of multidisciplinary partners under moderation of a professional coach in the field of intercultural innovation, generate competitive edge in the market and innovation.

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Our network partners are small and medium-sized companies and research institutions from all over the world. 


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