Bayerisches Zentrum für Angewandte Energieforschung e. V. (ZAE Bayern)

Magdalene-Schoch-Straße 3

97074 Würzburg



Tel.: +49 931 70564-0

Fax: +49 931 70564-600


The Bayerisches Zentrum für Angewandte Energieforschung e.V., or ZAE Bayern for short, is a non-university research institute with approx. 180 employees, which is institutionally supported by the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy. ZAE Bayern has two main locations in Garching near Munich and Würzburg and three branch offices in Hof, Arzberg and Nuremberg. ZAE Bayern has now been in existence as a registered association based in Würzburg for over 25 years. In December 1991, the founding members set themselves the goal of promoting energy research and providing training, further education, advice, information and documentation in all areas of significance for energy technology and the sciences concerned with it. To date, ZAE Bayern has developed into a nationally and internationally recognised research institute.


In its central areas of expertise - renewable energies, energy storage and energy efficiency - ZAE Bayern uses an interdisciplinary research approach to combine materials research, component development and system optimisation to create a seamless value chain. Researchers at ZAE Bayern work at the interface between basic research and applied industrial research and are involved in areas such as nano-materials, thermal and electrochemical energy storage, energy-efficient processes, photovoltaics, energy-optimised buildings and urban districts, smart grids and cross-sector energy systems (electricity and heat/cooling). 


Ferntech GmbH

Untere Gasse 6

74564 Crailsheim



Tel.: +49 7951 473316


Ferntech GmbH is a start-up that was founded in November 2016 for the development and commercialisation of a remote monitoring and control solution for decentralised power systems, such as mini-grids for energy access and mini-grids for commercial & industrial applications and off-grid customers. They are focused on bringing the smart energy revolution to decentralised energy systems with remote monitoring and control technology. Their concept is based on three core steps: aggregation of data, analysis of data and action. Their approach combines a physical controller, which connects to local devices and a cloud-based platform, and powerful API integrations which enable our customers to interact with their power systems from anywhere in the world. They are currently operating more than 175 pilot systems located in more than 15 countries.


MOZYS Engineering GmbH

Friedrich-Bergius-Ring 15

97076 Würzburg



Tel.: +49 931 49739209-0

Fax: +49 931 49739209-9


MOZYS Engineering develop all-in-one solutions for Industrial IoT, especially for the use cases Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance.

  • Field. Edge. Cloud.
  • Sensors. Gateways. Cloud Services.
  • Hardware. Software. Engineering.
  • Monitoring
  • Vibrations




Escherweg 2

26121 Oldenburg



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OFFIS, founded in 1991, is an internationally operating, application-oriented research institute for information technology. With its 300 employees, OFFIS does research and prototype development at highest level. OFFIS cooperates with well over 700 research and industry partners.


The R&D department energy researches ICT-based concepts and prototype systems for a resilient energy supply. It also focuses on the social and economic challenges of tomorrow's energy networks, specifically regarding AI-based solutions. We research reliable and resilience performance of machine learning, distributed AI and self-learning systems in the face of evermore complex infrastructures, their analysis and fully self-adaptive learning of resilient operation strategies.


OmegaLambdaTec GmbH

Lichtenbergstraße 8

85748 Garching



Tel.: +49 89 548425-20


In a world where data is growing exponentially, business value is often hard to identify due to its complex nature or sheer volume.


OmegalambdaTec provides state-of-the-art data science services and develops tailor-made smart data business applications. Our team of top astrophysicists combines unique model-based physical analytics with ML/DL/AI techniques to achieve optimal and transparent customised solutions. We provide end-to-end service from consulting to implementation, translating data science into business application.


PlanB. GmbH

Kocherstrasse 15

73460 Huettlingen



Tel.: +49 7361 5562-10


PlanB. GmbH, headquartered in Hüttlingen, Germany, sees itself as a co-innovation partner for our clients in the area of digitization and digital transformation. PlanB.’s ambition to make everyone’s life and workplace safer, more productive and more valuable. Its mission is to create outstanding digital products that excite and inspire our users and bring them even closer to their goals. Together with our clients, PlanB. develops highest-quality digital solutions in the areas of Industry 4.0/IoT, Artificial Intelligence as well as innovative workflows in their Digital Product Factory. The Digital Product Factory combines proven engineering processes, agile methodologies and sustainable ready-to-use modules for a fast "time-to-market" of digital products. PlanB.'s focus is always on the customer and the optimization of their added value.

qfix robotics GmbH

Erich-Rittinghaus-Straße 2/2

89250 Senden



Tel.: +49 7307 800321

Fax. +49 7307 800322




qfix robotics develop, produce and distribute innovative products from the fields of mechatronics and robotics. This includes robot and mechatronics kits for school, education, hobby and industry, graphical programming environment for the qfix controller boards and other embedded systems and industrial Solutions like omnidirectional drive module and kits for measuring devices.


Industriestraße 17

96114 Hirschaid



Tel.: +49 9543 443-169

Fax: +49 9543 443-2930



As a manufacturer of measuring and testing technology, we offer professional products for trade, service and industry. Our strength is to recognise customer needs and to implement through customised complete solutions.


Through cooperation with companies we want to grow further and according to our motto: More safety with safety test...for electrical safety.