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Since 2017 employee of EurA AG. As project manager he is responsible for R&D project management and innovation management. The main focus is on the area of information and communication technology.


Philipp Maicher studied chemistry and geology at the Albert-Ludwigs-University in Freiburg. In his diploma theses he focused on geochemistry, modelling geostatistical variances and the topic of CO2 storage. He then gained experience at a marketing agency and further developed his ability to process scientific content in a target-group oriented way.

The establishment and management of regional, nationwide and international technology networks is part of EurA AG's core business. With over 50 established associations of SMEs and research institutions, the company is the market leader in technology networks. The partners jointly develop solutions for current and future challenges. These research and development activities are supported by state subsidies. More information can be found at